Rules and Regulations

General Exhibit Rules:

  1. All exhibits are subject to the rules of the Central Fair in Bay County Florida.
  2. Fair Gates open to exhibitors- see Calendar of Events.
  3. The Central Fair in Bay County, Inc. will not be responsible for any damages or loss of entries.
  4. Passes will not be issued for any entry.
  5. You need not be a member of any club or group to enter an exhibit.
  6. Entries for competition must be new, not used, and made or produced by the exhibitor.
  7. Exhibits that have previously been entered will not be accepted except livestock and pet entries.
  8. All 4-H entries will be accepted only through the respective County 4-H extension office referral system.
  9. Peddling, Hawking, Selling or loud music or backpacks will not be permitted on the Fair Grounds or in buildings except commercial exhibitors when approved by the Fair Manager.
  10. All entries must be numbered and recorded in the appropriate fair record book before space is assigned for display.
  11. Exhibitor’s name must not appear on the exhibit for competition or award. Exception: A school or community group.
  12. Judge’s decision of the Central Panhandle Fair in Bay County, Inc. shall be final. No award shall be given for any article or animal without it possessing high merit.
  13. Exhibit(s) or booth presented in a group cannot be entered for an individual prize.
  14. Department supervisors are responsible for recording entries, awards, escorting judges, and display arrangements.
  15. No judging will be done by management of staff of the Central Panhandle Fair in Bay County, Inc.
  16. Awards obtained by false evidence, misrepresentation or violation of Fair Rules shall be forfeited.
  17. Prize money will be paid within 30 days following the last day of a fair.
  18. Prize money checks must be cashed within 90 days from the date of issue.
  19. All livestock exhibits must furnish their own feed and bedding.
  20. Booth and livestock exhibitors will be held responsible for daily cleanliness of assigned space.
  21. Information pertaining to premium awards or money will not be given over the telephone.
  22. Unauthorized person(s) will not be allowed to see or have access to entry books for exhibits.
  23. Exhibits may not be put up or removed prior to the designated time without the approval of the Fair Manager. If removed early any prize money will be forfeited.
  24. Exhibitors of booths will be allowed to enter building one hour prior to opening time.
  25. All exhibits must be removed including livestock and small animals between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM on removal day. All others between 11:00 AM and 4 PM. Items not removed by this time will be considered abandoned and will be treated as such.

Homemakers Division Rules and Regulations:

There are four entry divisions youth ages 12 to 18, Adult ages 19 to 54, Senior ages 55 and over and Handicap- any person with a handicap that restricts their ability to craft item.

Awards of Blue, Red, White ribbons and prize money if merited, one Best in Show ribbon will be presented for each age division in the following. Quilts, Spreads, Afghans, Rugs, Linens, Crochet, Hand Knitting, clothing, Clothing Accessories plus Crafts and Canning.

  1. Each item will be judged on its own merit within each age division.
  2. All items entered must be New or Not Used and made by the exhibitor since the last Fair.
  3. Entries will not be accepted if entered in a pervious Bay County Fair.
  4. Entries will be limited to one of each variety or sets in each numbered category.
  5. The judge’s decision will be final.
  6. If merited, one trophy award will be made in each division.
  7. Articles will be judged on General appearance, Design and Pattern, Selection of Material, Combination of Colors and Quality of Workmanship.

Food Preservation (Canning) rules and regulations:

There are four divisions in this category Youth 12-18 years of age, Adult 19-54 years of age, Senior 55 and older and Handicap any person with a handicap that restricts their ability to make this exhibit.

  1. Exhibits must be made in a standard canning jar/ pint or quart with complete rust-free lids.
  2. Pepper sauce and dill pickles may be in any type of glass container.
  3. Jars will be labeled on top of lid as to product and date.
  4. Entries will be limited to one of each variety in each numbered category.
  5. Each entry will be judged on its own merit.
  6. A trophy will be awarded in each of the following groups A. Fruits, Preserves, Jelly, Jam B. Meat and sauces C. Pickles, relish, peppers, sauce, vinegar D. Vegetables E. Miscellaneous, dry, and dehydrated food.

Food Preparation (Cooking) rules and regulations:

There are three divisions in this category Youth ages 12 to 18, Adult ages 19 to 54 and Senior ages 55 and over. There are 22 categories of competition of each age division. There will be a Best of Category, Best in Show and Best of Fair (special award). No premium will be paid for Best of Show or Best of Fair.

  1. Entries are admitted through door number 2 (see the official premium and program map for specifics).
  2. Entry days are designated in the program premium. Generally, they are Monday through Saturday.
  3. Individuals are limited to 6 entries in each category each day.
  4. All entries must be accompanied with the recipe used in making the product.
  5. Products made with a package mix will not be accepted except cakes on Saturday. A cake may be made with a mix as the base. Recipes must be submitted for all entries or additions along with instructions for the completed product.
  6. Entries will be judged and displayed daily as per the premium schedule.
  7. Entries may be picked up each day between 9:00PM and 10:00PM on the day of entry or next day between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon.
  8. There will be a score card for judging external characteristics (color, shape, volume) or Internal Characteristics (color, flavor, grain, and texture weighted 40/60 accordingly.

Agriculture Division rules and regulations:

  1. Perishable items by be entered according the Premium and Program Schedule.
  2. Only two entries of any variety will be accepted from each exhibitor.
  3. Each entry will be judged on its own merit.
  4. Bug infested plants will not be accepted.
  5. The Fair Exhibit committee will provide uniform display containers for all items. Items included are corn, sugar cane, sweet potatoes, bees and honey, Irish potatoes, potted vegetables or fruit, peppers, nuts and fruits, eggs, and miscellaneous items like squash melons pumpkins cushaw onions and other vegetables.

There are four divisions in this category youth ages 12 to 18, Adult ages 19 to 54, Senior ages 55 and over and Handicap- any person with a handicap that restricts their ability to make this exhibit.

Educational Booths rules and regulations:

  1. All booths must be registered in the Fair office and assigned a booth number (see premium program map for location).
  2. There will be a deadline for reservations one week prior to the Fair opening day.
  3. No exhibit or decorations to be higher than booth partitions.
  4. Booths must be kept clean daily.
  5. Exhibits must be credible and judged for any prize award according to the score card.
  6. Two passes will be issued per booth. All others can purchase a daily pass.
  7. All organizations will be judged by division. All booths must be completed by 1:00PM opening day (usually a Monday). Booths not completed on opening day will not be judged.
  8. Please see the program and premium for opening and closing information (booth set up and tear down). Or this information is available from our Fair Manager at his office.
  9. All booths are approximately 8 foot by 10 foot.
  10. No charge for non-profit clubs and organizations.
  11. Score card will include 5 categories, Effective subject, or title, draws attention, and holds interest of attendees, Educational Value, appearance, Originality.
  12. There will be three prizes in this division (First, Second, Third). All school booths will be in a separate category.
  13. Commercial booths will be in the main building at the entrance to the Fair. Booths are approximately 8 foot by 10 foot. Sponsors must sign a rental agreement no later than two months before a Fair (August 1st). The renter may display or promote or sell their products from these booths. Renters will provide their own liability insurance and indemnify the Fair from all claims arising from the sale of their products. There are no accommodations for food or drink sales of any kind. Renters of booths will abide by the rules of the Fair Officials. Two vendor passes will be issued for each space. For more information, please contact the Fair Manager. Renters will follow all Public Health Guidelines of the CDC, The State of Florida, or Bay County/ Panama City Public Health guidelines.

Livestock Rules and Regulations:

  1. This exhibit will consist of small animals and horse and livestock demonstrations.
  2. There will be no car passes issued to feed animals.
  3. The Central Panhandle Fair in Bay County, Inc. and/or the livestock committee is not responsible in any way for accidents to livestock or small animals.
  4. Small animals and livestock must be registered at the barn (see premium and program for a map location).
  5. Each exhibitor must supple the feed necessary for their animal(s) during the entire period of a fair or event. Arrangements may be made by the exhibitor with the livestock committee for exhibitor care of their animal(s).
  6. The livestock committee reserves the privilege of refusing to permit any exhibitor from placing animals on exhibit which are deformed or sick or not a credit to the class of animal in which they are shown.
  7. All livestock entries are to comply with the laws of the State of Florida administered by the State Department of Agriculture (copies on file in the Fair Managers office).
  8. The exhibitor must provide proof of ownership for livestock if required.
  9. A Calendar of Events for all livestock will be include in the premium and program.
  10. Snakes and swine may not be entered.
  11. Animals requiring lose containers must be furnished by the exhibitor.
  12. Cages and pens will be on a first come first serve basis.
  13. Entries will be accepted according to the printed premium and program schedule.
  14. The maximum allowed for an individual is three exhibits.
  15. Anyone removing their animals or pets prior to the Fair closure will forfeit all prize money. Premium money will be paid when the animal is removed according to the rules and regulations. No exceptions.

4-H Shows and Plant entry rules and regulations:

  1. Horses may be furnished by the Bay County Sheriff’s Possey.
  2. All 4-H entries of plants are a partnership with the Master Gardeners sponsored by the Bay County Extension Services and the Panama City Garden Club with the following rules for entry in the Bay County Fair.
  3. All 4-H entries will be the sole responsibility of the Master Gardener Club. This includes receiving, tagging, display and removing of all plants.
  4. Plants should be displayed and judged no later than Monday of Fair week at 12 noon.
  5. Any recognition or awards made to 4-H entries shall be the responsibility of the Master Gardeners. Ribbons may be furnished by the Fair.
  6. A list of all 4-H entries with names, age, address, and ribbon earned will be furnished to the Fair Manager by end of business Monday during the Fair week.
  7. Please refer to the program premium for specific details of the 4-H poster contest, 4-H Photography contests.

Central Panhandle Fair in Bay County, Inc. Art Exhibit rules and regulations:

  1. Entry Requirements. Each Artist must be 18 years or older.
  2. All entries must be original, no copies, tracings, paint by number or ceramic items poured from commercial molds. Art previously exhibited at the Central Panhandle Fair in Bay County; Inc. will not be accepted. Limit of (2) entries per artist.
  3. Entry Categories include Paintings, Drawings, Graphics, Photography, Three-Dimensional art.
  4. Paintings include Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media, or Airbrush.
  5. Drawings include Charcoal pen & ink, pastel, pencil (graphite or color) and scratchboard.
  6. Graphics include silk screen, etching, block prints or other hand pulled printing techniques of original design.
  7. Photography includes color prints, black & white prints, or enhanced photography.
  8. Three-Dimensional Art includes Sculpture, Pottery plus assemblage and Carvings.
  9. Requirements for display cover all art categories.
  10. 1 Paintings, drawings and prints must be framed with screw eyes and wire ready for hanging. Pictures must measure at least 14 inches on one dimension but not more than 48 inches (including frame) in either width or length, for example, a framed picture measuring 7 inches by 14 inches is acceptable. A framed picture measuring 48 inches by 48 inches is acceptable.
  11. Photography will be mounted on a sturdy backing, matted, or framed with suitable attachments for hanging on a pegboard. Display size will be 12 inches for the smallest measurement on any one side. Measurements include mounting board, matting or frame. All work must have wire hanging.
  12. Free standing three-dimensional art items must be accompanied by a suitable display stand or base.
  13. All work must have two labels; one attached to the back and one for the receiving desk. Labels must have the following information: the artist name, address, phone number, the entry title (if any), the price (if for sale) and medium. Labels found in the premium or program book may be cut out, filled in, and brought with the item(s) entered. Please print on the entry form and include an email address.
  14. Receiving: Begins on Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 PM. entries will be on a first come and first serve basis until exhibit spaces are filled.
  15. Pickup: Pickup begins on a Sunday from 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM Unclaimed works will be considered abandoned unless prior arrangements for a later pick-up are made in writing with Fair manager. A late fee of $10.00 per day applies.
  16. Central Panhandle Fair in Bay County, Inc. and Panama City Artists reserve the right to exclude from exhibits any work deemed unsuitable for display. All work accepted will be handled with care but the Central Panhandle Fair in Bay County, Inc. and the Panama City Artists will not be responsible for loss or damage to any entry.
  17. A Qualified person shall be chosen to judge the exhibit and select entries for awards. Please see the program premium for awards or ribbons and division information.

Bay County Student Art rules and regulations:

  1. All student art will be processed through the Bay County Schools Fine Arts contact person. This includes all public and private Bay County Schools.
  2. Schools may enter student art from grades pre-Kindergarten through grade 12.
  3. The Bay District School contact person shall be responsible for displaying all student art at the Fairgrounds. Deadline for all art entries shall be no later than 4:00 PM the last day of September in a year that a Fall Fair is held. No artwork will be accepted after the deadline date.
  4. Student art must be displayed at the Fairgrounds and ready for judging no later than 5:00 PM on a judging day which is normally Saturday. Please check the program premium for this date to confirm.
  5. Judges will be selected and secured by the Fair Manager.

Horticulture rules and regulations:

  1. The National Garden Clubs, Inc. standard system of awarding will be utilized.
  2. The Central Panhandle Fair in Bay County, Fl. Inc. is not responsible for any Horticulture item loss or damage.
  3. Classes are open to all amateur gardeners and designers. Exhibitors do not have to be a member of any garden club or group. The show/exhibits will comply in every respect with the requirements and objectives for a Small-Standard Flower Show as established by the National Garden Clubs, Inc. The Handbook for Flower Shows, 2017 revised edition, and any changes as given in the National Gardner shall be used as the authority,
  4. Judges decisions are final.
  5. The Classification Committee must approve all exhibit(s). The committee may disqualify any entry not conforming to the schedule or of inferior quality. The committee has the right to remove any exhibit not properly maintained.
  6. Native plant on the Florida conservation list may be used in the Design Division provided such plants are named and have been grown by the exhibitor or legally obtained.
  7. Exhibitors must keep designs and the exhibit Fresh for the entire show and the area properly maintained.
  8. Exhibits must be in place and all exhibitors out of the building by Monday 10:00 am at the start of the Fair Show week.
  9. The Chairman is allowed on the floor during judging of the Flower show, Classification, Clerks, Judges and Hospitality time.
  10. Judging will occur on a Monday – see the program premium for this schedule.
  11. A substitution of variety may be made to keep plant material fresh.
  12. No entry maybe removed prior to the end of the Fair. See premium and program for details.
  13. The Panama City Garden Club and the Central Fair in Bay County, Inc. assumes no responsibility for loss of property nor will they be responsible for a property not removed after the last day of the Fair.
  14. Awards for Garden Club members will be sent to the Garden Club for distribution. Awards to individuals will be sent to the address on the Entry Card.
  15. Specific questions about Horticulture should be addressed to the Garden Club.

Specific Horticulture Rules and regulations:

  1. Potted plants will be accepted only on a Sunday- see the premium and program for this schedule.
  2. Cut specimens will be accepted only on a Monday- see the premium and program for this schedule.
  3. Only one entry is permitted in each class or sub-class. Entries must be of show quality, well groomed. with no oiling and in suitable clean containers.
  4. Containers for cut specimens shall be provided by the Garden Club or Central Panhandle Fair. Potted plants must be in non-decorative clay or plastic pots and must not exceed an inside diameter of 10 inches.
  5. Due to limited space, exhibitors will be limited to 7 potted plants (includes Hanging Baskets). Hanging baskets are by reservation only.
  6. Only Horticulture listed in the schedule will be accepted.
  7. All plants must be identified by its binomial name or its currently accepted scientific identification to be eligible for a Top Exhibitor award.
  8. When the schedule calls for a specific number of stems or blooms, a greater or lesser number will disqualify the entry.
  9. Final authority on entries rests with the classification committee.
  10. Each exhibitor must enter his or her own exhibits.
  11. All plants exhibited must be grown by and in the possession of the exhibitor for at least three months.
  12. No wiring, taping or support may be used unless the plant normally clings or is a vine.
  13. Unless otherwise specified all potted plants must be grown one plant to a pot, excluding plants which normally cluster.
  14. The classification committee may sub-class by variety and or color.
  15. Entry Cards are available from the Garden Club.

Horticulture design rules and regulations:

  1. Floral designs are made by reservation only. Please call the Garden Club to make your reservation for the Fair.
  2. The exhibitor after making the reservation must find a substitute if unable to exhibit.
  3. Exhibits may be entered on Sunday of the Fair week- please see the premium and program for details.
  4. Designers must provide show boards (36 by24 by 12inches) for all classes of entry. Backgrounds are permitted in all classes and may be places on Sunday or Monday of Fair week during stated hours in the program or premium. Bases and or accessories are permitted.
  5. Coloring of fresh plant material is not permitted.
  6. Only dried plant material may be treated.
  7. Plant material must be listed on a 3 by 5-inch white card. A brief interpretation may be placed on the card if desired.
  8. Judges will comment on all entries except Blue ribbon winners. Fantasy Flowers or plant forms of unrecognizable plant materials may be used if the conform to other class specifications. Use of the American Flag is prohibited.
  9. Please see the program or premium for specifics on “Show Time” rules and regulation criteria. This includes Special exhibits for Youth Gardeners. You may also want to inquire with the Garden Club for questions about Lavish Displays.