Month: May 2021

May 2021 Update

The Fair board is please to announce construction has been started on a new Pole Barn. The 36 by 192 foot pole barn will provide for horse stalls and small farm animals that are typically shown at the Fair.

The Farmers Market will be open at the Central Panhandle Fair in Bay County Florida starting April 12 (Monday). The hours will be from 8:30 AM until 2:00PM- Monday through Saturday each week until the end of August. Please let your Family and Friends know so that all may enjoy! We look forward to seeing you there!

The American Legion Post 66, William C. Cooper Sr. meets the second Thursday of each month at 7:00PM in the Fairground main Building. The DAV meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00PM at this same location.

Work continues at the Fairground post Hurricane Michael. We have completed restoration of our main Fariground building which includes the Carr Hall, the Exhibit Hall, the Farmer’s Market and the Legion Hall. For more information on renting part or all of that main building please be in touch with our Fair Manager. There is also information on this website about the space availability and rental application.

March 2021 Update

As many Bay County Florida residents are aware FEMA still continues to occupy Fairground space to assist housing displaced Bay County residents. We will begin work on that area of the Fairground once it becomes available. Our goal is to provide periodic updates once a restoration project is complete. And, we will have more information on any public events via this website or our Facebook page. We encourage you to Like and Follow us on Facebook or via this website. If you have general questions please review our FAQ page or specific questions please reach out to us in email or call our Fair Manager.

In support of the William C. Cooper Sr., Legion Post 66 DAV 17 Membership Drive

In support of the William C. Cooper Sr., Legion Post 66 DAV 17 Membership Drive:

If anyone is interested in Joining the American Legion membership eligibility has changed. Please be advised that on July 30th the Legion Act was signed into law which extended the ongoing declared period of war back to December 7th 1941. The act paved the way to honor thousands of veterans who were killed or wounded on duty during periods not previously considered wartime. What this means is that any veteran with an honorable discharge who served since the Day Pearl Harbor was attacked is now eligible to join the American Legion. If you are interested in more information or to join Post 66 please be in touch with Mr. Jim Hixson at 850-399-0315 or Mr. Bob Johnson at 850-769-2645. Meetings are held monthly (second Thursday of each month) at the Fairgrounds located at 2230 East 15th Street Panama City Florida.